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For those runners who decide to spend their night in our enchanting province of Treviso, thanks to the 9th Prosecco Run, there are some advantaging convenctions with structures located within 15km from race start. B&B, Agritourism and Hotels, offers for all tastes and all budgets!

Hotel Tegorzo*** (9,7Km far from Vidor)

via Nazionale, 25
32031 Alano di Piave (BL)
+39 0439 779547
Web: hoteltegorzo.it

Single room: 48,00 euros/night
Double room: 78,00 euros/night
Triple room: 90,00 euros/night

Breakfast and late check-out included.

Agritourism “La Casa Vecchia” (3,7Km far from Vidor)

via Callonga, 8-12 Loc. Fol/Follo
31049 Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 0423 900160 – +39 328 9748909
Web: www.lacasavecchia.it

Single room: 45,00 euros/night
Double room: 75,00 euros/night
Triple room: 100,00 euros/night (each guest in addition costs 20,00euro/night)

Check-out within 11.00 AM leaving day, possibility to shower in the relax area, having left the room at 11.00. Only showers use +2,00 euros/each. Otherwise, check-out in the afternoon including room use costs from 40,00 euros to 70,00 euros more.

Agritourism Dolce Colle (8Km far from Vidor)

Via Medaglie D’Oro, 7/A
31040 Volpago del Montello (TV)
+39 0423 604886
Web: dolce-colle-it.book.direct

Triple room: 108,00 euros/night, double use 88,00 euros/night
Quadruple room: 128,00 euros/night, triple use 108,00 euros/night

Agritourism Caspineda (9Km far from Vidor)

Via Bassanese, 28
31044 Montebelluna (TV)
+39 392 6817719
Web: www.caspineda.com

Single room: 55,00 euros/night
Nuptial room: 65,00 euros/night
Double room: 70,00 euros/night
Triple room: 80,00 euros/night
Flat for 4 pax: 95,00 euross/night

Breakfast and room for cycles deposit included.
Late check-out: 10,00 euros.

Hotel Contà**** (11Km far from Vidor)

Borgo Stolfi, 25
31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)
+39 0438 980435 / +39 0438 980896
Web: www.hotelconta.it

Single room: 75,00 euros/night
Double room: 95,00 euros/night

Buffet breakfast, garage, wi-fi, internet point, small gym and city bike included.
Late check-out: 25,00 euros.

Hotel Canova*** (8Km far from Vidor)

via Ronche, 10
Cavaso del Tomba (TV)
+39 0423 562561
Web: www.hotelcanova.info

Single room: 50,00 euros/night
Double room: 70,00 euros/night
Triple room: 95,00 euros/night
Quadruple room: 140,00 euros/night

Buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi and large parking included.
Late check-out available.

Elis’ Rooms B&B (7Km far from Vidor)

via delle Rive, 7
31020 Sernaglia della Battaglia (TV)
+39 0438 1736348
Web: www.elishouse.it

Double room (or single use): 55,00 euros/night
Quadruple room: 85,00 euros/night

Agritourism “Due Carpini” (4Km far from Vidor)

via Menegazzi, 21
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 0423 900655
Web: www.duecarpini.it

Casa Due Carpini:
1 night:
Double room single use: 69,00 euros
Double room: 90,00 euros
2 nights:
Double room single use: 65,00 euros
Double room: 85,00 euros

Casa Salis:
1 night:
Double room single use: 90,00 euros
Double room: 130,00 euros
2 nights:
Double room single use: 85,00 euros
Double room: 125,00 euros

Le Zitelle di Ron (6Km far from Vidor)

Piazza Mons. A. Dal Zotto, 2
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 347 9780452
Web: www.lezitellediron.it

Double room: 100,00 euros/night
Triple room: 110,00 euros/night

Breakfast included. One-night overnights cost 10,00 euros more.

Hotel Diana**** (5Km far from Vidor)

via Roma, 49
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 0423 976222
Web: www.hoteldiana.org

Single room: 60,00 euros/night
Double room single use: 70,00 euros/night
Double room: 80,00 euros/night
Triple room: 96,00 euros/night

Breakfast included. The structure offers half board service only booking it with groups of at least 20 members (4 courses menù 30,00 euros, 3 courses menù 20,00 euros).
Additional charges are provided for the following service:

  • early breakfast before 7.00 AM: 5,00 euros/pax
  • late check-out with possibility to keep the room to shower after the race: 10,00 euros/pax

Agritourism Vedova (4Km far from Vidor)

Via dei Pianari, 2B
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 338 8708880
Web: www.agriturismovedova.it

Double room single use: 50,00 euros/night
Double room: 95,00 euros/night
Double room superior single use: 60,00 euros/night
Double room superior: 110,00 euros/night
Double room superior triple use: 140,00 euros/night
Double room superior quadruple use: 150,00 euros/night

Breakfast and tourist tax included. Late check-out available.

Hotel Grappolo d’Oro*** (10Km far from Vidor)

Via Feltrina Sud, 181
31044 Montebelluna (TV)
+39 0423 619645 / +39 3939374205
Web: www.hotelgrappolodoro.com

Single room: 43,00 euros/night
Double room: 64,00 euros/night
Triple room: 81,00 euros/night

Buffet breakfast, Wifi and large parking included.

Asolo Golf Club Resort**** (8,5Km far from Vidor)

Via Dei Borghi, 1
31034 Cavaso del Tomba (TV)
+39 0423 942211
Web: www.asologolf.it

Single room: 60,00 euros/night
Double room: 80,00 euros/night
Triple room: 110,00 euros/night
Flat double use: 120,00 euros/night
Flat quadruple use: 180,00 euros/night

Breakfast included. Late check-out avaliable. The resort’s restaurant offers a tasting menù at 35,00/pax.

Artemide Relais (7,5Km far from Vidor)

via Donato Casagrande, 10
31044 Biadene di Montebelluna (TV)
+39 0423 609381
Web: www.artemiderelais.it

Single room: 45,00 euros/night
Double room: 65,00 euros/night
Triple room: 85,00 euros/night

Breakfast included. Late check-out free of charge until 1.00 PM. 300mt far from the structure hosts can find a local restaurant which offers 10% of discount.

B&B Casa Bortolin ( a circa 4,9Km da Vidor)

via Santo Stefano, 31
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
+39 347 0445717
Web: www.alessandrobortolin.com

Double room: 85,00 euros/night (2 people)

Breakfast included.